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Whats the best Solutions
Whats the best Solutions
Whats the best Solutions
IT & Electronic
Whats the best Solutions
Consumer Goods
Whats the best Solutions
Fashion & Apparel

Fashion is basic needed for human. Fashion industry continuous to grow year by year. Unfortunately counterfeit fashion especially for luxury brand also continuous to boom. Mostly customers for counterfeit items come from middle low economic people who seek cheaper product.

Our portfolio solutions prepared to protect and secure apparel and fashion products such as fabric hologram, SNI label and Hang Tag SNI. Holographic technology applied for these items.


What's the best Solutions ?
Brand Protection
Spare Parts and Lubricant Oil

We have been protected our automotive customers  for years. We realized that OEM and their related business partied face counterfeiting especially for spare parts and lubricants products.

Thus, our holographic item s include self adhesive label, temper evidence and seal liners being best choice to keep your products secure. Keep assure that end-customers will receive real products

Spare Parts
What's the best Solutions ?
Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicine

Working for our pharmaceutical customers background become our pride. We understand they want to ensure secure medicines for their customers. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions items from temper evidence, seal liners and also decorative film as authentic identity of original drugs. These items can be applied on various packaging either folding box, bottle, tube, jar , etc


Indonesia well known for its natural wealth. Our ancestors use natural ingredients as medicine. Many herbal medicine recipe become one of our heritage.  We also serve security packaging items for herbal medicine products.

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Electronic Products & Spare Parts

Nowadays technology being our necessity start from we wake up in the morning till night. All sectors related with technology will be rapidly growth day by day.  Further, technology product not only being our needed but also self identity and life style. Our customers in IT & electronic industry very welcome with our hologram products due to multiple counterfeit product that overwhelm in markets. Most common products used by IT & electronic items are temper evidence and self adhesive label.

What's the best Solutions ?
Brand Enhancement
Deliver your original products create your customers loyalty

We can easily find counterfeit items of any brand of consumer goods products in market right now. Pura Barutama offers various protection solutions for your products. We deliver wide range security solutions for brand protection at once for enhancing your brand’s value.

Body Treatment
Food & Beverages
Gift Vouchers
What's the best Solutions ?
Brand Enhancement