Character Building

Pura understands that success is measured by its ability to create innovation and bring good impact towards others. Our employees are also deep-rooting Pura’s value to promote kind interaction and dedication towards other employees, customer, and our related third party as well.

Willingness to learn and continuous development have become Pura’s parameter for each employee’s maturity. It also indicates Pura’s ability to adjust with the dynamic business we are facing in the upcoming future.

Integration of Pura’s way and its mature employee to grow to create such strong foundation towards Pura’s business cycle to expand and compete with the international market, allowing supplier and customer to trust Pura, and escorting good influence toward related party upon our business.

Management And Innovation

Emphasizing in Human Resource Development as its main asset, Pura’s teams are composed of people that are always hungry to learn and innovate. Considering innovation as our key in doing business, our company is always full of new ideas. We believe that creativity comes from human being instead of machines. Thus, at Pura, all employees at all level of works – throughout the 27 business unit – always innovate.

Furthermore, we are committed in producing innovative products with a high-technology system, maximizing the usage of domestic raw materials to replace imported commodities and expanding the export market. Hence, making Pura known as “The Real Innovators”.

Pura Total Security System unit never ceases to create innovations by focusing on holographic security products and security printing as its core business.

Servant Leadership

As a part of Pura’s company culture, servant leadership is a leadership system based on serving horizontally (to co-workers) and vertically (to subordinates and superiors) in the working environment. At Pura, we learn that service is the best method to win people’s heart and sympathy.

By implementing servant leadership, we believe that all employees would have the sense of belonging at Pura and thus working not because they have to but because they love to, making them more dedicated into the job that they do. In addition, all employees would feel the pride of being part of Pura Group. As the by-product of the servant leadership spirit in all our employees, we produce only the best goods for our customers.